Keepin’ it Wierd

I have no excuse.  Except that I am in a total fog.  It has crept up on me very slowly, but I have felt it rolling in for some time now.  Maybe it's just a phase – maybe it's my age – Wh_beehive_sm maybe I have too much going on in my life.  I have all but dissappeared from here and that was never my intent.  I have been deeply engaged in several social media efforts on top of all the volunteer work I do and then there's the job and family – things are getting exciting.  After attending SXSWi in the middle of March, I went to Washington D.C. the last week in March to participate in Government 2.0 Camp with about 500 other government types who embrace social media and want to use it to better serve the public.  I hadn't been to DC in 14 years and never during Cherry Blossum season – it's awesome!  Every American should make at least one pilgrimage to DC in their lifetime if possible.  It's inspiring.  Did you know that the Whitehouse has a beehive to go with that shiny new garden?  I didn't either, until I saw it, thru the drizzle and the saucer magnolia.  How sweet! Don't you just love this President? 

Coop_sm The last time I posted, we had new chicks.  Unfortunately, they met a sad end – I had to go to Dallas to stay with my aunt for a week to let my mom come home and take a break.  I sent the chicks to stay next door with neighbors, as they already had chicks, I assumed they would look after them.  Not so much.  Anyway, since that time, my friend Tami and her husband helped me recycle an old shed we had at the back of the property into a fine little chicken coop.  A new batch of eggs with my name on them is incubating right now.  They should be ready in a couple of weeks.  In time for the weather to warm up, I hope, since Tom made me promise "no more livestock in the bathroom", so you see, I HAD to build the coop.  It will protect them from predators and careless humans. 

This weekend is the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour!  I am not kidding you.  20 urban chicken coops are going to let hoards of curious backyard chicken fanciers tromp through their yards to inspect their unique designs and share some of their chicken love.  I am really excited.  And my neighbor, Anna (spasmo on Ravelry, where we met) is going with me.  I hope to get some good ideas for improvements.  Chicken-lovers doing their part to Keep Austin Wierd.

My garden is started and only a few of the squash were damaged by the cold snap we had a couple of nights ago.  I think we're done – this week is the historical last possible freeze date for our area, I was gambling with the squash.  But everything else is fine.  there will be periodic updates on the garden as things get going well and I won't be able to contain myself. 

This weekend is the grandboy's birthday party!  He's turning two.  And the next day is Easter and we're celebrating with the extended fam.  Cooking for a crowd:  I just love it!   Knitting has been fleeting and sparce, but it has occurred.  I have really missed you guys!

4 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Wierd

  1. I totally gambled with my garden this year, too, and planted early. I *think* everything will be okay; if not, I will replant some extras just in case!
    Also, I’m sorry to hear about your chicks . . . your coop rocks the house! I’m hoping to start with the chickens next year — we’re putting in a beehive first.

  2. So sorry about your chicks! Hope you have better luck with this batch.
    We’re going on the coop tour this weekend, too! I think we’re going to start south and see how long we make it.
    It seems like everyone’s doing bees. That will never happen with me. I’m scared of anything that stings.

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