Nobody here but us chickens

Yarnmaven appears to have developed an unhealthy obsession with something called Twitter, and Facebook, and GovLoop and Flickr and though we heartily endorse her complete and total immersion in all things Ravelry, we just don't quite get this new perversion she has developed.  Honestly, we're lucky if she feeds us everyday.  We are considering an egg embargo as a protest.  Of course, we don't know how to lay eggs yet, but all options are on the table.  Join us by registering your protest in the comments.  Don't be gentle, she needs a serious dose of kick in the butt tough love.


5 thoughts on “Nobody here but us chickens

  1. haha! Poor chickens.
    But I think there are many of us who become addicted to such things and we all need a quick kick in the tush to bring us back to the real world. :)

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