Happy New Year!

I have heard that whatever you do on New Year's Day determines how you will spend your whole year.  If that's true, I will continue doing laundry, cleaning house and cooking for family.  Somehow I don't think I was really going to get out of all that even if I'm not superstitious.  I am however an irrepressible optimist and like to think that attitude is what will carry me through this new year.  We all have lots to look forward to despite the economic outlook and the fact that we remain a largely one (solid) income family at this time. 

My aunt who was hospitalized on Christmas Eve is now awake and my family is positively jubilant about it even though she has a long and painful road to recovery.  We are up to it.  Her internal organs are fine, her brain is fine and she is no longer on a ventilator.  She will have several reconstructive surgeries but she should regain the use of her broken limbs.  I want to thank all my blogging friends and Twitter friends who responded with kind encouragement.  I am extremely lucky to count you all as my friends. 

Tom's brother and his family from Korea have been visiting since the 20th and will be returning home in a couple of days.  It's been really fun getting to know the newest member of the family, little Mina, who is only a month younger than my own grandson, Cooper.  They played together well and were a constant source of amusement.  My MIL #2 is here visiting also and she goes back to Vermont tomorrow. 

I've been playing around with a couple of ideas about my blogging for a while and today seems like a good day to make a decision one way or the other.  I have really been enjoying some of my online friends efforts at 365/6 Flickr postings but find that I am not such a good photographer and really dislike photos of myself so I don't think I could bring myself to do it.  I also have been envious of other knitbloggers who committed to writing a blog post every single day for a year.  That might be something I could pull off if I really worked at it.  What I would like to know is, those who have done it…was it difficult and was it rewarding and did you feel like you imporved your writing skills or what other revelations did you experience on this journey?  I may not do it, but I would like some force to compel/propel me to post more frequently because I really do enjoy the interaction.  I admit that I often don't post because I feel so overwhelmed and conflicted and don't want to babble or rant or just indulge in wasting time and cyperspace just to see my words in space.  I also know that I have lost a few regular visitors because I have fallen behind so badly in my blogging activites.  I wonder if I could carve out a bit more time to write and perhaps spend a tad less time on Twitter.  Finding the time seems to be the biggest challenge – Twitter is easy and I really like the immediacy of it.  But, it's not exactly blogging.  So, I will think on it some more.  

About my knitting:  I still knit and really need to organize that area of my life a bit more – still working on that Starsky Jr. for Abby and a couple of other UFO's that continue to haunt me.  And I have tried really hard to resist the urge to start more projects – at least until I can finish one.  Inspiration doesn't seem to be lacking, really, again, it's time that's lacking and I need to address that in some way.  What shall I stop doing so I can do more of what I want, hmmm, that may be the essential question.  And so this is how I start my new year; desparately wanting more time for me, without my family suffering.  If you have any success stores, please share.

And my you all have a Happy New Year and thanks for sticking around!

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. In 2007 I challenged myself to write 5 blog entires a week and mostly succeeded.
    I cut back a bit in 2008. There are some days that blogging just doesn’t fit in my schedule unless I give up something I’d rather be doing. Four times a week seems to keep the readers coming back and keeps blogging enjoyable for me.

  2. So glad to hear of the recovering family members! Maybe that’s a good sign, huh?
    If you take the first few things I did in the few minutes of the new year, it’ll be a lazy one for me! lol
    I think writing a blog once every day would be overwhelming and maybe even get hard to find something to write about unless you talk about things you’ve found or learned that day.
    Maybe sticking to one or two entries a week would be more successful?? Just my two cents, but if you feel as if you can happily blog for 365 days, then do it!

  3. I’ve heard that too about New Years Day and I pretty much did the same as you, cook, clean etc. when all I wanted to do is knit.
    I try to blog twice a month but sometimes I don’t get around to it.

  4. Happy new year!! I’m so glad to hear that your aunt is awake, and that all her innards are intact . . . that’s big.
    I too have been thinking about how to get myself to blog more often in 2009 . . . I can’t wait to see what you come up with so that I can try to be a copycat.

  5. Good news about your aunt — glad to hear it. All I managed to do was shovel down a few spoons-full of black-eyed peas. My whole year is banking on them!
    I say blog as you can. I always enjoy hearing from you! Happy New Year!

  6. So glad to read the update on your aunt – I’ve been thinking about all of you since you posted about it originally.
    Blogging daily – I did it, and in order to do it, it was a matter of just finding a peace with blogging. Not stressing about what you wrote, not worrying about wasting time or sending your words off into space. I did it for me. I did find it made me a better writer. I really enjoyed it. I hope to blog a lot more — across all of my blogs — this year.
    I always look forward to the updates on yours. Especially with your crafty projects – you always amaze & inspire me!