Easing Back into Normal

The holiday is almost over.  We put my MIL on a plane home to Vermont today, tomorrow early, my BIL and his family return to Seoul, Korea.  While our thoughts were with my aunt in Dallas, we managed to show them around a bit here at home.  We made it to SeaWorld and the Riverwalk in San Antonio, they took us to a Korean Restaurant in North Austin and then today they took me to a Korean Market in town.  I love Korean food.  I can't get Tom or Abby to eat it, it's mostly too spicy for them, but I got a few things for me; kimchi, noodle soup(hot) and some dumplings that I think they will be able to handle, also some soy bean sprouts and seaweed.  It was good to have some guidance in the market today for future purchases.  The man who owns the store promised to remember me when I come back without any Korean speakers with me. 

Tomorrow we're having Abby's birthday party after we had to cancel it in December because she and some of the other girls were sick on the date we had it scheduled. If we don't do it tomorrow, we'll likely never get around to it once everyone is back to their normal routine. 

My thoughts have frequently been about my aunt since Christmas.  She continues to improve at the hospital in Dallas, but she's awake now and while that is great progress, it also means she is now aware and struggling with her condition and unable to communicate right now beyond responding to yes or no queries.  Besides around 12 broken bones and being strapped to her bed with her jaw wired shut, she is a smoker and I'm sure she's jonesing for a cigarette despite all the other indignities she is suffering, I KNOW my aunt.  This whole ordeal will likely also cost her some weight, as she hasn't had a real meal since Christmas Eve.  Her jaw will be wired shut for about 6 weeks.  I know she misses her CSPAN too, but at least if she can get into a room other than ICU, she'll be able to watch the inauguration because I know she's looking forward to it.  I wish I could do something now, but I'll wait till there is something useful for me to help with as she recovers.  

Monday I return to work and I'm looking forward to some new projects and committees at the office and beyond, some involving social media, which is very exciting.  I'm also looking forward to trying to get some things in my house organized – New Year's always seems to stoke my desire to get a handle on my demons and what to do with all my stuff is one of those demons.  I think I'll start with a new closet organizing system.  There simply must be a way to get it all in there.  Can't spend a lot of money, but I'm handy so I feel confident.

Now to bed.  I'm practicing getting up early again so that Mondy won't be so painful.  Night, night.

2 thoughts on “Easing Back into Normal

  1. Good idea on training yourself to get up early. I always slide into night-owl-ness during holidays and it’s so hard to get back on track.
    Good luck with the house organization. Keep it up and you might just inspire me!

  2. What a cutie in the photo!
    I’m glad to hear that your aunt is recovering, and maybe this will help her stop smoking?!?! No? Ah well… I tried.
    I’m the same way about cleaning up when the new year rolls around, lots of organizing has been going on here lately. :)

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