Back to School

Abby starts second grade today.  She is very excited.  New backpack, new shoes, new school clothes that fit, and she's all set.  We attended an informational meeting yesterday about Girl Scouts – Abby is now a Brownie and I have the disconcerting feeling we just joined a cult.  I was never a Girl Scout when I was young, I was a Camp Fire Girl, now they are Camp Fires USA (gender neutral) and family oriented and the nearest one is 30 miles away.  So we are a Brownie family – oh, and I do mean family. I think it's a good program, and apparently we got a really good leader who keeps the girls very busy.

This week I get to take off for the 100th anniversary of President Johnson's birth. I do so love the Texas-centric holidays we get paid to enjoy, working for the state.  I plan on sewing.  I need to attack a stack of fabric and patterns so that by Thanksgiving I can put away the cutting table that I set up in the kitchen.  If things go well, there will be pictures.

Green_gable I finished the Green Gables over the weekend.  I used leftover Cotton Fleece yarn from the Mommy Snug that I made Kandis when she was pregnant, I grossly overestimated the yardage required for that and I still have a half a skein after completing this sweater.  It's nice yarn, it seems to knit up quickly too.  I know that some have knit this with negative ease, but after ripping sweaters I knit that were too small for me to wear – I just couldn't bring myself to knit this one so snugly, so the sleeves are a bit more open than they ought to be, but I can live with that.  I also had to do a single crochet edge at the top to bring the neckline in and make it more stable.  I don't like the off the shoulder look on me because I am never strapless.  I also made it a bit longer and included the hip shaping.  I really wanted to get in one summertime sweater before the summer was over and I just made it.

Yarn Tourism

Yarn_tourists One of the highlights of a business trip to Fredericksburg, TX was a trip to the local yarn store with three willing fellow employees who are also fiberists.  I had not been to Fredericksburg in a while except for a quick lunch with a group passing through.  It was nice to spend a bit more time there this time even though the bulk of my time was spent in meetings.

Stonehill_inside Stonehill_outside Stonehill Spinning is nice little shop – I love the architecture, but that was always one of my favorite things about the town.  They have a nice variety of yarns without too much novelty yarn.  There's a rug hooking room in the back.  The prices were reasonable.  I was able to buy two skeins of sock yarn I have not purchased before.  We all got something.

I had a free afternoon one day to drive around and photograph all the houses I have lived in in Fredericksburg, except for the trailer, the entire trailer park is gone now.  That shouldn't be a big surprise, the town has changed tremendously since I lived there in the early 80's.  But the business's all still close up early at night which is hard on folks that like to stay up late and party in the pool. Who knew that biologists and fisheries management folks could be so rowdy? 

This summer has been a little harsh. Some of the things I've had to deal with have been a serious drought, husband's kidney stone surgery, plumbing challenges, too many commitments.  This weekend rain is expected, Tom is feeling better, I fixed the big plumbing problem and some of my obligations have been lessened – so I am looking forward to the beginning of the new school year – even though I am the new PTA fundraising chair – and I am even going to brave the Tax Free Weekend to get Abby some new school clothes.  Things are starting to look better from here.  Tom is still looking for a teaching position, but he'll find one.

Bamboo Neckdown_cardi I'll close with my most recent FO's, and there is, as usual, more on the needles.  I have missed the blogging, but life or something just kept getting in the way.  I finished the Neckdown Summer Cardigan from Pure & Simple and a pair of socks in Regia Bamboo – my first bamboo project.

If by some chance you plan on attending SXSWi 2009, the panel picker is up and Stephen submitted a panel that will likely be of interest to crafters – and marketers – please vote for it and show them that crafters are a force to be reckoned with.