Finished on Saturday night.  I even found vintage button, but they don't match – but the colors and size were right.  It's VERY comfortable.  I am happy with it.  I have already cut out the pattern for the next one.  It's a kitchy little print from the 50's and I only had 3 yards of 36 inch wide fabric so I have to choose my pattern carefully.  More about that later. 

I am still knitting.  I finished a scarf I've been working on a while – it's the Magic Scarf from Laurie Perry's book, Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair.  I lifted the pattern stitch, basically a basketweave stitch and made it wider and probably longer than Laurie did.  I used the skein of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in brown I got months ago.  I had very little left over – so 8 bucks worth of wool can go a ways.  It's really soft too.  AND it would work for a guy. 

So far our summer has been pretty oppressive, and it's only been a couple of days since the beginning of summer, but the last 33 days of record-breaking Spring Temperatures has been relentless and, at least where we are, rainless.  My garden has all but dried up and I am having to water every night when I get home and we are losing oak trees – big ones and I think our well has gone dry.  We only use it for irrigation, but we kind of count on it so it's been a little more inconvenient having to use water we pay for.  The cicada's are starting to bust out of their casings, and I snapped a shot of one on our porch the other morning.  I alway find the process of metamorphosis a little amazing.  I also kinda like cicadas.

Stay cool!

A Day Off and a Flickr Meme

100_2357 Today is Juneteenth, so I have the day off. Slept till 7am and hiked the local state park before noon. Now we are safely home in the AC and I am planning to sew. In the park we saw this amazing family of Pileated woodpeckers tearing up a dead tree. They were large and unfazed by our presence. Bark was flying everywhere. I could not tell if one was a juvenile or not, they seemed the same size. Maybe these are the FLDS of the bird world since I don't think woodpeckers are gregarious. I don't have a good long lense on this point and shoot camera, but you can see two red heads and the profile of the third bird on the tree. Very cool birds!

100_2368 I have cut out a vintage dress pattern using vintage cotton fabric. The pattern is from about the mid-40's during the war I think. Those patterns always seem to have a distinctively solemn tone in the drawings on the envelope. 100_2369 The pattern is unprinted – just tissue paper cut to shape and some perforations to indicate where to put gathers and zippers (or "non-separable slide fastener" as the pattern says). Other than that, the construction is pretty much the same as modern patterns. I am using silk organza for interfacing and this dress has a self or matching fabric-covered belt with buckle and eyelets and all. I bought some hat buckram for stiffening the belt so that it is more authentic. It used to be sold on a roll in fabric stores in several belt widths when fabric covered belts were more widely popular. I did not find buttons yet that I thought worked with the fabric, so I might make covered buttons, still thinking about it. If I am lucky, I will finish this before the weekend.

I created Flickr mosaic for the Flickr Meme that's been going around. If you are interested in the image sources, you can check my Flickr page


Happy Juneteenth Y'all!

I met my next door neighbor on Ravelry!

Okay, the truth is, she lives 2 doors down rather than next door, but still, how amazing is that?  I got a message on Ravelry one day and the sender said, "I've been admiring your knitting and noticed that you live in Cedar Creek, we might be neighbors."  Well, once I emailed her back where I lived, we began to narrow down exactly where we lived in relation to one another and low and behold, she is only about 200 feet away!  And we arranged to meet one day at my house and Anna is absolutely delightful, though apparently blogless (for now).  I love her sense of humor and they have cats.  She's of my generation and has lived here almost as long as we have.  She works in Austin too and also works for a government, hers is Travis County. This Saturday I am dragging her to The Knitting Nest for the morning meet-up.  It's WWKIP Day on Saturday and there are several things planned in town, the big one being at the state capitol downtown, but our weather has been pretty hatefully hot and dry lately so we don't think we will make it to that, but we'll be there in spirit.  I can't believe I had to meet my neighbor via an international online community, but I am really glad that there is a way for us to find one another. (Note to self: Ravelry Tip Jar)  Anyone else find someone in their neighborhood through Ravelry?

Reaching This weekend, the grand-boy is coming for his first sleepover at the grandparents house!  I am excited and I hope Kandis and Rob have fun on their night out.  Here is a photo of Cooper (Rob holding him) reaching for Grandma – do you know how great that feels?  Yep, now if I can just get him to call me something – I don't care what, just so he means 'me'.  Boy, grandma's sure can be selfish.

I am trying out a new commenting system here on the blog, so feel free to comment, even if you don't have much to say 'cept what a cute grand-boy I have. And if you're local, I hope to see you this Saturday.

ETA: The comment experiment was a dysmal failure.  But I still like and encourage comments.  Let's see if I set it back in order properly.