Sweet Caroline

Wcaroline My late friend, Caroline, arrived yesterday.  I knew she was coming.  I got a call from a friend of hers that I met the last time I saw her.  Caroline died on December 7th last year in Colorado. Her memorial service was May 17th, the day we left for Vermont for my Father-in-law's memorial – he died on New Year's Eve.  I had planned to make Caroline's send-off in Ouray until the plans were made for Tom's Dad.  I hated to miss hers.  But yesterday the package arrived; a program from her Memorial Celebration, a collection of her poems, a DVD she made about planning her own funeral while she was fighting cancer with every cell of her body, and a small double-bagged ziplock bag, wrapped in bubble wrap containing a gray-white powder, a small bit of the cremated remains of my childhood friend, entrusted to me to scatter or hold however I thought appropriate.  What a gift.  I think it says something about my friend that she so literally shared of herself.  She was a gift.  She absolutely lit up a room with her enthusiasm. 

For now, I will find a nice box to keep her in.  I don't know where to take her, our childhood camp is not really an option anymore.  I could take her to the Bamberger Ranch in Blanco County, which is the last place I saw her alive.  It was a wonderful day.  We hiked Enchanted Rock, as far as she could go, lunched in Fredericksburg and dropped in on the Bamberger's for an impromptu tour and spent the rest of the day.  It was beautiful and such fun.  She was on mega doses of steroids and had tons of energy, but she had pain from a radiation burn that affected her ability to get around.  She was positively manic and we had a blast.  She didn't sleep much on the steroids, there was too much she wanted to do – too many people she wanted to reconnect with.  I can't believe I let 30 years of my life go by without Caroline in it and I am so grateful that she found me again before she left the world.  It was Caroline who took me to my first concert, John Prine and Steve Goodman at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas.  I was 14, she was 16 so she could drive.  To this day I am a die-hard John Prine fan.  Caroline was in the car when I got my first ticket for speeding, 90 in a 70 on our way to camp the first weekend in May, I was 16.  I was so scared – it ruined the entire weekend for me because I dreaded facing my parents with the news.  I still remember it like yesterday.  I have yet to watch her dvd.  One day.

Frank_socks The summer is upon us in a big way, the temps are way too high for the season – we still have a month before the start of summer and we are closing in on triple digits.  The garden is rebelling.  I may get nothing until fall.  I am aching to buy an above ground pool so I can teach Abby to swim this year, but really can't afford it yet.  Abby's last day of school is today and we are making plans for her to have a fun summer.  There have been promises of a brief trip to the coast sometime.  Oh, and I made a pair of socks.  For my friend Frank who I have teased with my praise of the handknit sock. 

Just So You Know…

Pink_clap2 that I am not doing nothing (and Yes, that does appear to be a double negative), I finished another Clapotis.  Just like the last one only a different colorway.  I love the Clap, but they KILL me to make.  They take forever and well, quite honestly, I get bored.  Abby loves it, but it's not for her.  My mom expressed an interest, we'll see if she was sincere, 'cause, ya know, she loves everything I make – isn't that great?  I have been very busy with some work stuff and some PTA stuff and some graduation stuff and some trip-out-of-town planning stuff and well, I suppose blogging has taken a back seat and it does bother me, just not enough to drop everything and let y'all know (both of you) what boring and geekish thing I am up to now, but I do miss y'all.  I haven't even kept up with my blog reading.  I have discovered Twitter, though and I have to say that if you aren't on Twitter, well, you just aren't geeky enough.  Actually, some people, like my oldest, Kandis, they are actually better at twittering than blogging.  I don't mean to say she isn't a good blogger, but Twitter, with it's 140 character post limitation and the randomness of it in general is really better for some blogger styles.  Kandis is great at Twittering because she has these great moments where she can blurt out her witty, caustic tweets Pink_clap to the Twittersphere and it just seems appropriate – and timely.  And no formatting and the only thing you need to remember is "say it in 140 characters".  Oh, and use tinyurl for links, cuz the url counts for characters.  Me, I end up reading a lot of tweets and responding to some, I don't have that instant genius thing going for me.  But I still read Twitter obsessively. 

Anyway, that's what I've been doing.  How 'bout y'all?