A Dress?

Yes, a dress. Vogue pattern V8383 in a linen/cotton with embroidered polka dots.  Abby calls this my chocolate chip cookie dress because the fabric reminds her, well, of chocloate chip cookies.  I have been collectiong and buying vintage patterns and fabric for a while, but this is a modern pattern.  It's taken me weeks to finish it – mostly because of the limited time I can devote to anything much lately.  I really have been knitting, but they are interminable projects that simply will not end.  If I ever finish them, I'll post photos.  But now that it's spring, I want to sew some of the vintage stuff I've been piling up.  I was very lucky and won some free shoes and a bag from  Zappos.com via Twitter.  The shoes in the photo are the ones I picked – they're Born's, my favorite shoes. 

My grandson had his first birthday and Tom is graduating from Texas State University on May 9th.  It's a busy time of year for us.  The summer fast approaches and I just now got the beans, squash and leek seeds planted today.  Oh, and it's San Jacinto Day, so I had the day off which is how I could get all the gardening and mowing done. Whew!  Is anyone else feeling as distracted as I am?

*note: I appear to be leaning in the photo, the camera was on an unlevel surface, but I was losing light so I took it.  I also managed to miss a button on the bodice, such was my hurry.

All God’s Children Need Blankies

I don't even care if you don't believe in God, the fact is; 416 children have had their world turned upside down and who understands the comfort of a blankie better than knitters, crocheters and quilters?  Rete has proposed a plan and will act as a coordinator (she works for the CPS) to provide a hand-made blankie for every kid there.  This is one real way you can help these kids face whatever life and the state of Texas has in store for them.  I would like them to see that the outside world is not out to hurt them.  Warmth for all!

Update: Rete informs me that they may not go just to the FLSD kids, I still think I could crank one or two out pretty quickly.

The problem is…

 If you move to a state (even a big state with a lot of wide open spaces like, say, Texas) and buy a lot of property with the intent to build a large community for the “followers” of your religion (don’t really care which one),  because you had a falling out with the Head Church about certain doctrines (those that tend to be illegal, even in Texas), and you put up a fence and you have armed guards patrol the perimeter to prevent anyone from gaining access (or freedom), you should be aware that people in town, hell, people everywhere are going to regard you and your folks with a certain amount of suspicion.  Not because you make your women wear funny dresses.  Not because you are building a GINORMOUS white temple that sticks out like the Christ of the Ozarks on the flat Texas landscape.  Not because people don’t respect your religious views.  Not because you are exempt from paying any taxes because of your claim to status as a religious order.  Not even because your founder is cooling his heels in an Arizona prison on rape charges.  No, people are going to be suspicious of you because they have no way of verifying that everyone INSIDE your compound really wants to be there.  AND that if you weren’t doing something illegal, you would not need to hide over 500 women and children inside your gates.

Yes, I do have a problem with any religion in THIS country that systematically keeps half its population ignorant and subservient and which exists to subvert the laws of the very nation that allowed its emergence, in order to preserve the patriarchal power to control the lives and reproduction of its members.  It is nothing less than a prison, and there is nothing holy about it. 

Texas may have its hands full dealing with this many victims, but it had to happen.  Thank goodness that so far, it has been without violence.  May the real world not be too scary for the kids and mothers.


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