Winners and Losers

Let’s start with the winners, shall we?  Meg won the magazine that I offered up in my last post (I refuse to give them any additional Google Juice by linking to them because they sent a lackey to comment and try to justify the price.  I didn’t say anything bad about the magazine except to note the price, but they must have felt like I had way more influence on the crafting community than I actually do).  Anyway, Meg, let me know how you want me to get you your prize.

Thanks to everybody for their delightful birthday wishes.  I appeciate all of you so much.  Being sick on your birthday is no fun at all.  I did drag my ass in to work that day, but nobody at work knew it was my birthday.  One of them found out since then and we’re having lunch today.  I’m feeling much better now.

Now, you wanna know about the losers?  Well, it sucks really bad, but remember the Flyingdales(scroll down 2 posts) I was knitting?  I bound off the shoulder stitches and picked up the sleeve stitches and tried it on last night.  A week’s work wasted.  It is too small. No, I didn’t swatch.  You cannot possibly beat me up over this any more than I beat myself up.  Soooo, when I get home tonight, I will wind it all back up into cakes and begin again.  Next size up.  I suppose it isn’t the end of the world.  I didn’t lose anything but time, I will still get a sweater and I am a fast knitter, I just feel bad because of the pile of UFO’s that I have and want to kick myself for not figuring it out sooner.

Whether this next project is a winner or a loser, well, the jury is still out.  I have had a couple of people follow up with questions after my initial posting.  Remember the galvanized tank from this post?  Well, here is the project in steps:

Tub_burner Tub_foundation Tub_mount Tub_gas

Now, the final step is to put up a privacy screen, which I have, but first a dead tree has to come down and I haven’t had the time to get out in the yard with the chainsaw.  I also need to seal it because it has a couple of leaks, but other than that, it is almost ready.  My very own Poor Man’s Hot Tub or Trailer Park Spa, which ever you prefer.  When I explained what I was doing to Susan (who just had her baby on my birthday, you must go see him, he’s adorable!) she pointed me towards the Dutch Tub, which I had never heard of and though I use gas and not wood and mine isn’t quite as portable or as cute, it does basically the same thing, only I didn’t spend $6000.  In fact, except for getting a fresh propane refill, I spent nothing so far.  A friend I helped with remodeling gave it to me when she moved.  I will post another photo once the privacy screen is up.  Then I’ll take it for a test drive.  In the summer I don’t even have to heat it.  My friend gave me all the pool chems that she used.  I’ll have a place to cool off after working in the garden.  Speaking of gardens, have you started yours?  Times a-wasting.

Birthday Contest

Craftmag While at SXSWi, I purchased this magazine and handed over my debit card without much thought.  After all, a magazine was all I was buying.  As the clerk rang up the sale and the bill was spewing from the register, she announced that would be $16 and some change.  If the transaction had not already been completed, I would have have put it back.  And no, that is not a subscription rate, that was one issue.  I have flipped through this issue and I like the way they do some things, but I think I’ll let this be a lesson in paying attention at the check-out counter.  This magazine, the second issue of Craft, by the same people who publish Make, will go to a randomly selected person who leaves a comment here.  To qualify, tell me your favorite craft magazine and why.  Birthday greetings do not improve your chances, but are appreciated nonetheless. Deadline for entries is Friday, March 23rd at midnight.  Delurk at will.  And if you’re wondering, it’s 51.

Playing Catch-up

Have you ever had so much to blog about that you didn’t know where to start?  Let’s start with knitting, shall we?  I have been sick so of course, I cast on for Flyingdales by Lisa Lloyd in my Lauren’s Coral Peace Fleece.  Man, this yarn is something.  It has so much body and character.  I am not sure the color is the best for showing off the stitches, but I love the color and I hope it will perk up my winter wardrobe a bit. 

SXSWi put a bit of a hurt on me, at least in the energy department. It always does, I just forget about it.  The gatherings of knitters was wonderful and I met some great knitters from out of town AND local.  I put photos on Flickr. It was all a bit of a blur.  Green_socks
I managed to knit a complete sock while sitting through panels.  Now I just have to knit the other one.

The sock UFO situation is a bit embarrassing.  I used to be able to crank out a pair every week or two, but other things have stolen my interest.  I need to spend the summer clearing the UFO’s out.  I’ll do an inventory in a day or so to see where I am. 

My mom has been making noise about moving down here (she’s in Dallas, a 4-hour drive away) for years.  She’s been living in an apartment in a questionable part of town and now that another great-grand child is going to be making an appearance, I think she wanted to be closer.  Well, she started looking in earnest in October.  Her first choice got away.  This week, she made an offer on a house about 10 miles from us and the offer was accepted.  Yippee!  So, we’ll see how the inspection goes and perhaps she’ll be closing around the time that Kandis is due(Arpil 12) or a week later, around April 18.  Now, if we can just talk my aunt into moving down here. 

I got my garden started, just a few things, and I made it bigger than last year, more than double.  Oh, and the bluebirds are late, but they are here!  One egg today.  I am so excited, they usually come in February, I was afraid I was going to have to let their place go to the titmice who have been hanging around, but they finally showed up to claim it.  With the price of real estate the way it is these days, I really should put up the other two houses that have been gathering dust in the garage.  But the ones they come to every year is the one I built.  The others are fancy store-bought ones that people have given me.

When I was out with my mom’s realtor the other day, I had to stop 3 times for turtles crossing the road.  We had about 8 inches of rain last week and being spring and all, I guess the girls all decided it was time for a change of scenery.  I assisted 7 tortoises (for acuracy’s sake) across the road, all females.  I think the realtor was getting a bit aggravated, but I know how the rural drivers are and they would have driven over them or made a game out of it.  I hope they all made it to their intended destinations.  Hey, it’s March 20th, folks, tonight it turns into spring and tomorrow is my birthday.  I’ll have to think of something fun to celebrate. 

SXSWi Baby!

I love SXSW.  I counted my bags tonight, I have 6.  I pick up my 7th one on Friday.  The big bag is your goodie bag when you register.  It’s full of freebies and promotional garbage and the program with all the panel info in it.  My love for this annual ritual is geeky and maybe a bit silly, but I would not miss it for the world. 

Some of you may be familiar with the SXSW Music Festival that follows the Interactive Festival every year.  It’s acutally the original SXSW party.  And then there’s the Film Festival which starts up before the Interactive is over.  It’s like the Interactive Festival lights the fuse for the big blowout of music that explodes all over Austin. 

Two years ago, I met Christine at SXSW when she recognized the Clapotis I was wearing.  She couldn’t come last year because of school.  This year, she’s coming back and bringing her charming spouse with her. I am very excited.  I am also excited because my friend Megan, whom I used to work with is coming back this year.  We ran into each other last year and got caught up over lunch.  This year, Megan has learned to knit too.  I do believe the Universal Harmonic Convergence may be about to occur.  Wanna help bring it on?  Come knit with us.  Or just hang out.  We’ll be at Hill Country Weavers Saturday Night, March 10th from 6:30 to 8:30 and then again on Sunday morning the 11th from 11 to 1.  Check the listing for Saturday and if you’re coming on Sunday, let the store know.

As soon as SXSW is over, I plan to start this.  I snagged some Peace Fleece in Lauren Coral and I am determined to knit this before the temp reaches 90 in Austin.  Along with the 4 other projects that are on the needles that I can’t seem to find.

Oh, and since I am too busy even for one of my biggest heroes, could somebody please knit this man a hat?  It’s just a cryin’ shame that He is runnin’ around the world sporting a store-bought watch cap.  He’ll be here with his posse.  Another reason why this event is so special.

If you can’t join us, have a great weeknd anyway.

March Madness

Kandis Kandis‘ baby shower was this past weekend and it was full of all the wonderful things baby showers are made of;  Chocolate cake, mimosas, adorable baby decorations, gifts and friends and family and kittens.  I finished most of the hand-knits I planned to fill the moses basket with, yet failed to get photos of all of them.  Well, I still have time, if I think about it.  I also finished the curtains for the baby’s room which I have been nagged about recently gladly hung up for her. When my mom came down from Dallas, she brought my grandmother’s rocking chair, which I also forgot to photographseen here at Kandis’ Flickr site .  The room is complete and I can’t wait for him to get here. 

SXSWi is beginning on Saturday, March 10th (registration begins on March 9th).  I am attending.  So is Christine, yay! and James and who else?  Anybody?  Well, Suzanne, the owner of Hill Country Weavers, the only yarn store in town AND conveniently located mere blocks from the convention center, has offered to host a SXSW knitters meetup on Saturday night, March 10th at 6:30 pm, right after Vickie Howell’s panel ends at 6.  We hope Vickie can join us too, but we haven’t checked with her yet. Give us a shout out if you plan on coming so we’ll be looking for you and feel free to promote the event if you want.  There will be tons of parties and events in the evenings during SXSWi, but you can join us and still be available for the late night parties.

And DO NOT FORGET the March 11th Second Sunday Knit and Knosh – Meet the Bloggers, at Hill Country Weavers 11am-1pm.  RSVP if you plan on attending!  See you there.

Shower_cake Shower_table Shower_gifts Shower1 Shower2 Baby_bolero Knit_bear W_kitten