Mommy Snug

Just in time for 80 degree temperatures in Austin this week, I finished the Mommy Snug for my oldest daughter, Kandis.  She is due April 12, so I am hoping that either she can wear it next winter even though she won’t be pregnant (probably) or that she will decide to give me another grandchild before her sister does( Abby is 6).  Anyway, I think she looks great and it fits better than I dared hope.  She is also sporting her new diaper bag.  I thought the strap might be too long, but she claims it’s not.  The cotton fleece on size 5US needles has a very nice drape.  Not at all a bad cotton yarn to knit with, though the ribbing did at times seem endless.

Pattern: Mommy Snug, Interweave Knits, Summer 2006 by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Lambs Pride Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple
Mods: I made the sleeves a bit shorter.

Laissez les bons temps rouler

It’s Fat Tuesday and unfortunately New Orleans isn’t coming back as quickly as many hoped.  Somehow, Mardis Gras happens anyway, and anywhere.  I made a King Cake yesterday to bring to work, it went so fast, I didn’t even get a photo of it.  I have been making other things too.  I finished Kandis’ Mommy Snug, and she has promised photos. Diaperbag  I also made her this Diaper Bag.  I used this Butterick pattern and ordered this Heather Bailey fabric from Flapper Girl Fabrics (20% off sale good thru Feb. 28, hurry!).  I guess I got the sewing bug again.  Attending the Austin Area Quilters Guild show this past fall was definitely what inspired me to make a quilt, I even went to an authentic Quilt Store yesterday for supplies.  What was I thinking?  I don’t need a new hobby.  The ones I have are about to kill me.  But I have always sewed, sometimes more than others.  I was a bit aggravated at the patterns being put out by the larger pattern companies lately and they are recycling a lot of older designs and standards and well, it’s kinda like going through a few bad issues of Vogue Knitting.  Lots of designs you wouldn’t be caught dead in.  But I have found a few that are okay, so you may see more sewing before long. 

Tank Wanna take a guess at what this is?  Well, some of you may know what it is.  But you can be sure that’s not what I plan on doing with it.  Stay tuned for more clues and a step by step How-to.

A Little Quiltting Help, Please

Snowball_quilt1 I’ve been collecting fat quarters and rummaging through my fabric stash and choosing a pattern for my first quilting attempt.  I spent Saturday night cutting out pieces.  Sunday I pieced a crib size quilt and layered it and pinned it.  First of all, I don’t have a 1/4 foot for my machine, yet, so I eyeballed it.  Yes, I know, but I was fixated on getting this done.  Apparently my eyeballs aren’t that acurate with the 1/4 inch seam.  So SOME of my corners did not line up precisely.  But I pressed on and finished the entire thing with only about 50% of the points being "on the money".  I used really small stitches on the machine and don’t really want to rip all those pieces. Snowball_quilt2 What I am wondering about is whether I should use this as a life lesson and bind it, tye it and give it to Kandis and Rob’s dog, Millie, or whether I should finish it properly for my grandson.  If a quilt isn’t perfect, is it inappropriate for a gift?  I tried to pick a simple pattern that I actually liked for my first one.  I did put this together fairly quickly, because I don’t want the cutting table up long as it impedes kitchen traffic.  Also, If I am going to quilt this thing, should I do it on the machine, or by hand?  I tend to plow through some projects without a lot of preparation and I am now in the market for a Bernina Foot #57 with quilting guide.  Feel free to criticise with total honesty, I deserve everything I get.  If I have no future in quilting, I would like to know before I spend 30 bucks on another Bernina presser foot.

Of course, maybe I should just stick to my knittin’.

At the same time…

Snug_sleeve ARGH!  I hate it when I get to a point in the instructions where it says: "At the same time", especially after I have already knit 3 inches of tiny cabled ribbing.  I’m working on the sleeves to Kandis’ Mommy Snug and No, I don’t always read ahead in the instructions.  Yes, I recall that the same button placket exists on either side of the front and back.  But there was no photo of the sleeve placket, so I completely ignored the rule of reading ALL the instructions before beginning.  Besides, I probably would have simply forgotten this part anyway.  Oh, well, sleeves are smaller than the body pieces, so perhaps I can make up the lost time in a meeting this morning.  No more deadline sweater projects. 

Oh, and before I go, just a note, Laurie of Crazy Aunt Purl fame has been nominated for a Webloggie award in the category of Craft Blogs.  She is the only Knitblogger nominated and YOU and all your friends can vote for her.  AND she posted a nifty little pompom tutorial over at her place.  Let’s show the innernets the power of knitters!  Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Friday, February 2. The Bloggies Awards are scheduled every year at the SXSW Interactive Conference and I never miss them.