Wanna trade?

I spent  part of last night and today swatching for the Cafe Cardigan from the Summer 05 issue of Cast On:
Cafecardy I tried using Patons Grace, but didn’t get gauge with the first swatch using the needles called for in the pattern.  Uncharacteristically, I started a second swatch in a larger needle and halfway through it realized that even if I got gauge, I didn’t like the fabric – too loose.  I don’t have anything else to use and didn’t have any other plans for the Grace yarn, soGrace_azure I decided to see if anyone would like to trade.

I have 10 skeins of Patons Grace in Azure – 9 skeins are untouched, the 10th one I only knit a swatch and will gladly include that if someone has 5 hanks of Classic Elite Provence.  Denim would be nice, but I will consider any other colors.

I found the disk with my projects on it, oh and the digital camera decided to start working again, but it’s unreliability has me shopping for a replacement.

Here’s what’s on the needles right now:
A coworker is expecting twins and her baby shower is this week:Jellybeansox
Twin_sweatersI’m making Majic Stripes socks for a worthy friend in Jelly Bean:

Here is my progress on the Book Worm Vest from Folk Vests:

And there’s also another sock in Regia Cotton/wool:Cottonwoolsoxhpg_1

So, if you wanna trade, email me
It’s all I can do to restrain myself from casting on for the Four Season Cable Coat by Kathy Zimmerman from the same issue as the cardy – I have the wool for that one.  If I can’t find a trading partner for the Grace – it’s going to Ebay.
Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day holiday!

What else can go wrong?

My home PC has been giving me fits and our friend who fixes it has been out of town.  I never know when the thing is going to restart on it’s own and get caught in some loop looking for it’s Pri Master.  So I have been hesitant to post in fear of losing my work before I can post it. 

My old Mavica digital camera died last weekend while trying to get photos at my best freinds’ daughter’s wedding.  It crapped out at the cake shots.  It may be time to look at new ones if I can’t revive this one.

I broke my temporary tooth which is going to be expensive I am sure. 

I took pictures of my current projects the other day (before the camera died) and now I can’t find the disk.

All I have for you right now are some nature shots from our yard.

Anole3 Pinkpuffs A green anole that lives on a huge Sago palm next to the house and these lovely little pink puffs.  I don’t know why, but I find these delicate little flowers very endearing.  They are very small, each flower smaller than a dime and there is a yellow variety, though it is probably a different species.

Bright spot: While killing time yesterday after a meeting in town, I stopped in at my LYS and bought a copy of the new Cast On – Wow, it has about 4 sweaters and one sock I can’t wait to make. 

Everyday Cardy Done!

Edcardy2 I love this pattern – on the model.  I love this yarn – in my hands.  I hope my sister likes it.  Yep, it’s too small for me.  I think it was the yarn, the 50% alpaca is so soft and does not have the heft of 100% wool nor the body.  I think I’ll make one for myself in Peace Fleece.  I already picked out a color.  My sister is a bit slighter than I am and I think this will be perfect for her, if I can get her to promise to never put it in the washing machine. 

I started the Book Worm Vest from Folk Vests over the weekend.  I had some Gedifra English Tweed  that worked up to gauge perfectly.  Photos when there is more to show. 

The weekend was very productive, which is a switch for us.  They usually get away without anything accomplished but the laundry.  It is finally getting warmer and that helps me feel like moving around.  Now I am going to get caught up on reading knitblogs.

Yes, I do still knit

Vanilla_freezeFinished: The Vanilla Freeze shell from Knitter’s Magazine, Summer, 2003 – shortened lenghth by one inch.
Yarn: Classic Elite Avignon, 85% Pima cotton and 15% tussah silk
Cotton isn’t my favorite to knit, but this one is very nice.  I don’t know if it’s dressy enough to wear to a wedding, but it works okay with jeans which is my uniform.

Moebius_1Started: The Heartstrings Moebius scarf
Yarn: 100% alpaca sport weight in a heathery green – purchased on Ebay.
This may end up being a Christmas present (is it too early?), I have enough yarn to do several.  I have loved this pattern for a long time, it knits up much faster than I expected.

Edc_block Blocking: The Everyday Cardy in Artful Yarns Jazz.
I got a little advice from Ann about the sizing – she knitted the same size and I wasn’t sure it was going to be big enough.  She thinks it will be okay.  I know I have endured this angst before, like every time I knit something that needs "brut force" blocking, but it almost always works out.  I will keep the faith.  Piecing and neck and button bands scheduled for the next couple of nights.

And Mother’s Day was great!  I got the new John Prine CD and 2 bars of my favorite French shea butter soap in Verbena.  Thank you Kandis.  And Abby made me an earring box shaped like a heart that she decorated herself – really cute.  I love my girls so much! I sent my mom the Flower Basket Scarf I made.  Now I need to make another one for me.

Anybody seen the new Elizabeth Bag from Black Sheep Bags?  Designed by Julie Anderson of Sofie Bag fame.  It’s like Sofie only more grown up and sophisticated – I think I have to get this pattern – it really is a nice bag.

Mothers, knitters, act now!

I am posting for the second time today for a cause.  I am opposed to the war in Iraq.  I am not opposed to the soldiers.  This story outraged me and I felt I had to share it.  Please read this news story and if it moves you to act, then please do.

Principal Rutledge’s email is: orutledge@mcsdga.net

School Phone: 706-685-7652 (Columbus, GA)
School Fax:     706-685-7708

I am not normally an activist, but today some things are more important than school rules.  Think "Family Values". Think Mother’s Day.

I don’t think the principal will appreciate some of my language, but the real vulgarity is their treatment of a kid who just wanted to talk to his mom.  Sometimes cell phones aren’t evil devices.

Update: Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was outraged about this student’s situation.  The school and district were inundated with calls from the public and are allowing him back at school on Monday and reconsidering their "zero tolerance" policy on cell phone use.  Here is a recent news article with details.  Now if we can just do something about Tom Delay.

What’d ya mean “My English ain’t good?”

It’s hard to live in Texas almost your entire life and not sound like a Southerner, even if you try really hard and hate the way some Texans sound and think it paints us all as hayseeds or hicks.  But the fact is, we are all susceptible to the influences of our surroundings.  Marguerite brought it up so, here’s my profile:

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English
15% Dixie
10% Upper Midwestern
5% Yankee
0% Midwestern
I can only assume that the Yankee and Upper Midwestern influences come directly from my husband who was born in MI and spent his childhood in NY.  I suppose that the puny 15% Dixie proves that I do try.  After a couple of beers, it’s probably a whole lot more like 40%, but I don’t do that very often.  Hopefully, most of us can understand one another.  Now that that is done, I am fixin’ to go knit somethin’.  How ’bout y’all?

Stupid Media Focus

Jens_blanket1At least the knitblog community hasn’t gone on and on about this, (well, Norma did), but I can not believe with all the meaningful, important things going on in the world the news media are keeping that ridiculous woman’s escapade on the top line of Google News page days after she surfaced safe and sound, though plainly an inconsiderate idiot.  Can we please move on?  I am certain there is real news out there that is compelling and actionable.  For instance – this just in –
Knit Jennifer’s Blanket – What is it about news reports of women and law enforcement that spawns such popular knitting designs?  Are we so starved for fashion inspiration?  Actually, the Jen’s blanket link is pretty funny – it is from Annie Modesitt’s ModeKnit Blog and she’s very clever AND another knit book author. 

Hat tip to Crazy Aunt Purl.