Late to Eight

Miss Abby turned 8 on December 15th, unfortunately she was sick that day and for several other days just before they took their winter break.  We had to cancel the party we had scheduled at Justice Just for Girls.  They were very nice about it and assured me we could reschedule but ALL the girls were disappointed, especially the birthday girl. 

After the chaos of the holiday, we decided at the very last minute to try to reschedule the party before school started back up.  Success!  It turned out to be one of the nicest, most unseasonably warm days of the break (81 F) and after a fun time getting made up and Party_girls
playing games and picking out goodies at Justice, they got Amy's Ice Cream and a little play time at the nice playscape at the shopping center.  Abby thought it was the best party she ever had.

We chose Justice Just for Girls for the party because we like their clothes and we wanted to do a smaller party this year.  For the past couple of years we've done the Bowling Party for the whole class and this year we needed a change.
Justice clothes are stylish yet modest and age appropriate.  There is a little sparkle, but no Vegas glitz.  Their prices are very reasonable.  They have lots of cute accessories and of course, Webkinz.  Also as it turns out that even in a down economy, they are expanding to more locations in the coming year.  Apparently it's a business model that works.  The company owns Limited Too, but are replacing all those with Justice stores.  Abby and I have been having the battle over clothes (the one you're supposed to have at about age 14) since she was 4.  Justice is something we can both agree on. Isn't eight adorable?

Positive Product Review and the Art of Distraction

I have recently come across a couple of products that I have decided deserve sharing because of their effectiveness or quality or whatever it is that makes us buy a product again after we have tried it once.  This also gives me something to do while we wait for the election returns tomorrow night.  Waiting is not one of my best things.  Ask anyone. 

Hand and Body Lotion – Joy Spa Formula and J.A.S.O.N. Cocoa Butter Lotion

I have had dry skin my whole, entire life.  I remember when I was growing up Jergens was in every grandmother's house and in ours.  I don't think it had a lot of competition in the early days.  I remember when Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion first came out.  It was all the rage.  The long awaited cure for dry skin.  Meh.  But it was the best we had.  I tried every new hand and body lotion that came out for many years.  Avon, cosmetics companies, hospital grade products, herbal remedies, and even natural salves like Bag Balm.  Some were okay, some sucked, I hated anything with perfume in it, it burned, and most felt greasy or just like I had something on me.  Then one day after my mom came back from a trip to Hot Springs, AR, she brought home with her a bottle of lotion she got at the hotel where she enjoyed the mineral springs baths.  This lotion was used by the massage therapists after her bath.  It is made from the natural hot springs found in the area.  It is the perfect hand lotion for me.  No dyes or perfumes and it absorbs into your skin easily and leaves NO residue.  I love it.  I used to have her bring it back every time she back to Hot Springs.  Well, now you can order it from them.  You can't actually order it online, but you can order it by phone and here's the web page where you can see the prices – scroll all the way down to the Joy Spa Formula Products, Therapeutic Hand & Body Lotion section.  It will not disappoint.

The other hand and body lotion I can recommend is by J.A.S.O.N. is scented – cocoa butter, that's why I love it.  I don't use many products with fragrance, because Tom hates them, but every now and then I find something with a scent that isn't objectionable to him and that I love.  Not only is this a fabulous smelling lotion to me, I use it every day on my legs which are afflicted with eczema most every winter and it helps to moisturise my tattoo.  The stuff is so rich and smooth and I swear it is still there at the end of the day, on my honor, never had a lotion with such staying power.  It comes in pump as well as squeeze tube and I usually buy it at Whole Foods, but you can order it online.  They make other scents, but cocoa butter makes me think of lying on the beach in summer and that's one of my happy places that I go when I need to. 

Niether one of these products is prohibitively expensive and they aren't that exclusive, they just work extremely well for someone who is extremely particular.  If you try them, let me know what you think.  I will be spending Tuesday night in front of the tube with family watching the returns and I'm not leaving there until I hear Obama's acceptance speech.  Then I'll tell you about a little something I found that takes care of moths.  Here's to Happy Days ahead.