Central Texas Yarn Crawl Recap

Open Letter to Central Texas Yarn Retailers
Dear Yarn Store Merchants,
I want to thank you all for collaborating on a great Yarn Crawl concept and execution this year!  I know some of you personally, but not all.  As a knitter for 40+ years, a knitblogger for 5 years (returning from a life hiatus) and a lover of all things yarny, I want to let you know what a great outing (or series of outings) this year's event was.  This was my first time to participate. We couldn't get a seat on the bus so we devised our own route and recruited riders.  It was a long day on Sunday in the rain and drizzle and we put over 300 miles on Frank's car, but it was totally fun!
Things I liked about the Crawl:
  • The prizes were VERY much an incentive.
  • I found some new yarn stores! – visiting a minumum number of stores was a great idea because many were not on my normal travel routes, but this event got me to them and now I will return to the ones I really liked when I can.
  • Most of the folks running the shops were really nice and helpful.
  • Each store had it's own flavor and culture – diversity is good.
  • Just about every store had something unique that wasn't found at another store.
  • I love the fact that the store owners worked together to pull this thing off and I hope it benefitted all of you.
  • It seemed most of the passport holders tried to find something to buy in as many stores as possible (knitters need yarn stores to succeed!)
  • Reasonable fee on the Passports AND bus (the ones we couldn't get on).
  • The store freebies were a nice touch – I will use ALL of them!
I wish we had gotten a seat on the bus, but we managed, we made 6 stores on Sunday!  It just would have been great for someone else to do the driving so we could all knit.  Next year, if there are more busses or even 15 passenger vans leaving from different locations, I think they would get filled with enough lead time and promotion.  And prehaps next year, enlist the help of the knit-bloggers.  With a little coordination, I'll bet other knitbloggers in the area (besides me) would be happy to help get the word out.
Can't wait to find out who wins the yarn prize goodies.  Can't wait for next year!  It's been a real inspriation to start blogging again.

Yarn Tourism

Yarn_tourists One of the highlights of a business trip to Fredericksburg, TX was a trip to the local yarn store with three willing fellow employees who are also fiberists.  I had not been to Fredericksburg in a while except for a quick lunch with a group passing through.  It was nice to spend a bit more time there this time even though the bulk of my time was spent in meetings.

Stonehill_inside Stonehill_outside Stonehill Spinning is nice little shop – I love the architecture, but that was always one of my favorite things about the town.  They have a nice variety of yarns without too much novelty yarn.  There's a rug hooking room in the back.  The prices were reasonable.  I was able to buy two skeins of sock yarn I have not purchased before.  We all got something.

I had a free afternoon one day to drive around and photograph all the houses I have lived in in Fredericksburg, except for the trailer, the entire trailer park is gone now.  That shouldn't be a big surprise, the town has changed tremendously since I lived there in the early 80's.  But the business's all still close up early at night which is hard on folks that like to stay up late and party in the pool. Who knew that biologists and fisheries management folks could be so rowdy? 

This summer has been a little harsh. Some of the things I've had to deal with have been a serious drought, husband's kidney stone surgery, plumbing challenges, too many commitments.  This weekend rain is expected, Tom is feeling better, I fixed the big plumbing problem and some of my obligations have been lessened – so I am looking forward to the beginning of the new school year – even though I am the new PTA fundraising chair – and I am even going to brave the Tax Free Weekend to get Abby some new school clothes.  Things are starting to look better from here.  Tom is still looking for a teaching position, but he'll find one.

Bamboo Neckdown_cardi I'll close with my most recent FO's, and there is, as usual, more on the needles.  I have missed the blogging, but life or something just kept getting in the way.  I finished the Neckdown Summer Cardigan from Pure & Simple and a pair of socks in Regia Bamboo – my first bamboo project.

If by some chance you plan on attending SXSWi 2009, the panel picker is up and Stephen submitted a panel that will likely be of interest to crafters – and marketers – please vote for it and show them that crafters are a force to be reckoned with.

Meet Stephen

Monday Night, The Knitting Nest, 6pm-9pm, I'm bringing Stephen (Hizknits.com) to the Knitting Meetup.  Stephen is here for SXSWi where we met last year and he joined us at the Knitbloggers meetup at HCW (where we plan to go tomorrow morning for First Sunday Sit N Knit).  Stephen has a new Knitting Podcast called Y Knit, Genetically Speaking, both hosts just happen to be knitters, and guys.  Stephen wants to knit and see the new shop in town, so, that's what we're doing.  Come join us.